Summer Camp for Talented Underpriviledged Children

A Summer Camp for more than 100 talented underprivileged children was organised by Times Foundation at Institute of Psychological and Educational Research (IPER). It was a three-day long camp which included activities such as Zumba, Mask-Making, Puppet-Making, Yoga, Meditation and Health Check-Up. The children were also provided with lunch on all three days.

Each child took part in every event. The response from the children as well as the volunteers were very encouraging. There was a marked increase in the number of participants in day one and days two and three.  

While Zumba, Yoga and Meditation were directed to make the kids more physically agile and mentally focused, mask and puppet-making helped them explore their artistic capabilities. The sessions also made the kids more socially comfortable. Children who were too shy to take part initially readily came up to the stage by the end.

Health is another factor which is often neglected, especially for these children. The thorough health check-up with individual reports made sure that any ailments were taken care of.

The overall positive response has been a great motivation for us to do similar projects in the future.

The classes created such a happy environment that is something beyond the particular teaching agenda.” – Manjari Sen, Zumba Instructor.

“Besides helping to learn different skills, this programme gave immense enjoyment and fun to the children. They were highly appreciated by the children, teachers as well the care-givers of IPER. It has been one of a kind event…” –Dr Bijli Mallik, Director of IPER

Summer Camp for Talented Underprivileged Children


Dates: 28th, 29th and 30th may, 2018