Spiritual Wellness

The spiritual dimension of wellness involves exploring the meaning and purpose of human existence. It includes developing a deep appreciation for the depth and expanse of life, and the natural forces that exist in the universe. Times Foundation partners with various trusts to raise awareness on spiritual wellbeing across the country for peace, dharma and non-violence.

Bhagavad Gita

Location: Bengaluru Date: May-June 2020:

An eighteen day discourse was organised by Times Foundation for nearly 750 participants from various states across India in collaboration with ISKCON. The chairman of the Bhaktivedanta Academy piloted the discourse and explained the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.

International Yoga Day 21st June

Location : Bengaluru, Month: June 2017 :

Times Foundation and Akshar Yoga organized a yoga session with a 1 minute Sirshasana (headstand) performed by a group of 350 yogis at the rooftop of World Trade Centre, Bangalore, celebrating International Yoga Day. Yoga enthusiasts from different parts of the globe, came together to participate in this memorable moment. The day had Yogis extending their solidarity to the purest and most sanctified form of ancient yoga by performing the headstand, for an entire minute. The event started around 6 AM with a brief prayer chanting OM Mantra, followed by asanas such as Suryanamaskaram, Shirsasanam and many more for the next two hours. The celebrations concluded with a curtain raiser of new forms of Yoga designed by Grand Master Akshar followed by a recital of keerthanam.

Times Foundation Conducts a Heartful Meditation Program

Location : BANGALORE , Month : Sep 2016:

The Times Foundation, Bangalore, on the noble occasion of International Peace day, in collaboration with SahajMarg, organized a heartfulness meditation program. The significance of the program was to help the participants to "learn to relax and meditate". The program was open for the age group for 15 years onwards. The event was held at the Babuji memorial ashram (global heartfulness meditation center), Chennai- 600125.

International Yoga Day: Celebrating Physical, Mental And Spiritual Health

Location : Jaipur , Month: June 2016 :

The significance of Yoga in India has been emphasized in ancient texts and Vedas. The association of the practice of Yoga is not merely to the physical dimensions but spiritual and mental domain as well. International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st June, as suggested by the Indian Prime Minister-Narendra Modi- as the longest day in the Northern hemisphere and thus, the day itself assumes a special importance. The Times Foundation in Jaipur conducted an event on yoga by the renowned Yoga trainers to celebrate the holistic health and commemorate the International Yoga Day. The two-day session was held at Taxila Business School and Mangalam Ananda respectively. The event was supported by Fortis as health partner.

Sach Bharat Confluence, Organized By ASSOCHAM

Location : Mumbai , Month: May 2016 :

Sach Bharat Confluence, Organized by ASSOCHAM in association with Srei Foundation, Times Foundation and IMC, inculcated a fresh culture of Spirituality. The concept of Sach Bharat originated from Srei Foundation's popular initiative – World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality – which is now in its eighth year. Sach Bharat Confluence is working towards igniting the idea of holistic spirituality, especially amongst businesses to encourage the 'right and ethical business conduct'
Smt. Indu Jain, Chairman, Times Foundation, added: "Spirituality has the power to unlock tremendous human potential over time. Alongside, spirituality bestows the ability to handle change wisely and smile through both springs and storms." This will not only help our businesses, but our country at large."

Spirituality In Management


The International conference on Indigenous Models of Sustainability, Good Governance and Spiritual Transformation in confluence with the Vedic Foundations of Indian Management (VFIM) New Delhi, supported by Sahaj Marg Spiritual Foundation, The Times Foundation and Cisco, was held at IIM Bangalore. The conference addressed academics, practitioners, managers and doctoral students.