Times Foundation collaborates with schools, universities and NGOs to educate India's under-privileged. The entire knowledge base is improved through soft skills training workshops for teachers, career guidance programs, awards for best teachers, and innovative methods in teaching. In honing better teachers, there is hope for better education and future nation builders.

Phir Likhega India


Phir Likhega India Date: 23rd January, 2018 Location: Mumbai On the occasion of National Handwriting Day and as a part of our ongoing campaign ‘Phir Likhega India’, Times Foundation along with Times NIE (Newspaper in Education) organised ‘National Handwriting Day’ at Municipal School, Navi Mumbai. More than 250 students from classes V to IX participated in the event that was conducted in association with Education Department, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Mr. Jayawant Sutar, Mayor, Navi Mumbai, was the chief guest at the event. Prizes were given away to the best three students as part of the competition. Additionally, a special workshop on handwriting: its benefits and ways to improve handwriting was conducted by an expert from the Institute of Graphology. The Head of Education Department, Navi-Mumbai had welcomed the initiative wholeheartedly and provided immense support which greatly helped us make it successful.

The Times Foundation Organises Interactive Session on Discipline and Responsibility

Location : Bangalore, Month : April 2017:

The Times Foundation, Bangalore, organised a brief session on Discipline and responsibility. A number of activities were undertaken to practically impart learning to the staff. The interactive sessions comprised of some live experiences to motivate the participants. The second session began with a chain game and continued with a similar module followed in previous sessions. A similar process of conversation and dialogue was followed int his session imparting the importance of being positive and knowing one's responsibilities in life.

Times Foundation launches third phase of education campaign- Pasti ki Masti

Location : AHMEDABAD, Month: March 2017 :

The Times of India in collaboration with Times Foundation and NIE launched the third phase of education campaign, namely, "Pasti Ki Masti", at Ahmedabad and Vadodara. The readers and school students dedicatedly donated the paper waste. The benefits achieved were utilized in putting a number of one hundred and fifty underprivileged dropout girls back to school.

Times Foundation provides safe haven to the underprivileged children

Location : Delhi, Month : March 2017:

Times Foundation has initiated a noble program to provide a safe haven for health care, education and other services for the children of labourers at the construction sites. The program ran its first day care centre along with Aide-et-Action in Delhi at NBCC site for the children of labourers. For this program, the Times Foundation has collaborated with NBCC and its contractors providing meal, healthcare support and education for a number of fifty children. This collaboration aided in order to provide fresh, clean, healthy, nutritious mid-day meals, education and healthcare to the children residing at the construction sites.

Free Career Guidance workshop

Location : Bangalore , Month : Feb 2017:

The Times Foundation, Bangalore, in collaboration with Banjara Academy organized a career counseling program bringing forth different students and helping them to select prudential career options. The program aimed for providing the students the methods of selecting careers, and means to assess one's capabilities. The experts from Banjara academy advocated on new and exciting career opportunities and the courses that have come up recently. There were discussions with every participant on future prospects of what they were already pursuing. There were many in the workshop that had already chosen careers, however, expressed concerns and thus, willed for a career change. While there was a question and answer session the students were presented to take a leaf out of the books of experience from their respective elders and set their long term goals accordingly. The techniques were listed out for better study skills, improving concentration and focus, and reducing exam related stress. The participants expressed immense contentment at the end of the program and went back with the reassurance from Banjara academy to contact them for future issues and concerns as a free service.

Teacher Awards for Innovative Teaching (TAFIT Awards)

Location : Bangalore , Month : January 2017:

The Times Foundation, Bangalore, organized Teacher Awards for innovative teaching known as 'TAFIT', as an initiative to recognize and appreciated teachers across both rural and urban Karnataka. The initiative is part of Times Foundation's four year noble work. The TAFIT comprised of its panel jury including experts from the field of education, Deputy Director- education cell, Professor- education cell and our senior editor pondering over the aspect of inclusivity of education. The panel further conducted a final round of interview on 22nd of January, 2017 shortlisting a number of fifty teachers to bring forth their innovative and creative methods and their assessment. The TAFIT organized award felicitating ceremony on 28th of January, 2017 with the commissioner-education department in Karnataka as the chief guest. The chief guest presented awards to the final five winners and five runners up.

''Pasti ki Masti''

Location : Ahmedabad , Month : January 2017:

The Times Foundation, Ahemdabad in collaboration with Times Foundation and NIE launched third phase of education campaign famously known as ''Pasti ki Masti''. The event requested the readers and school students to donate paper waste. In the month of January, the Times Foundation collected 17830 kg of paper waste from its readers. The beneficiaries from the proceeds was utilized to put twenty three drop out girls back to school.