About Us

Times Foundation, an initiative of the Times Group, was born in the year 2000. The Group, through Times Foundation, which operates nationally across its offices in India, set up this initiative to get working on transformational change, towards a better India. In tandem with this perspective, Times Foundation has partnered with developmental initiatives, working towards making the citizens of India more employable through skills training. This endeavor has been hugely beneficial for employers as well as job seekers across the spectrum of society. Through its spiritual healing programmes, the Times Foundation has created avenues for citizens to release their stresses, be able to live life to the fullest and function fruitfully in their jobs. Times Foundation's spiritual healing programmes have been imperative in inculcating work-life balance among people, by keeping the mind healthy. When the body is fit, the circle of well-being is complete. Times Foundation is responsible in driving several health initiatives, thereby creating awareness among people regarding maintaining good health and working towards a better body. The Times Foundation, with its focus on safety has been responsible in enabling women to protect themselves in unsafe environments through self-defense training initiatives. Reaching out to India, Times Foundation has been responsible in supporting organizations to relieve people from personal as well as natural disasters through initiatives like the 'Clean Ganga' drive. Times Foundation is all about meting out timely help, especially in times of dire calamity.